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Registration of civil partnership

A civil partnership is a legal relationship that can be registered by two people of the same sex.

The civil partnership ceremony is performed by the Director of the Register Office or the District Registrar. No witnesses are required.

An investigation of impediments is carried out by the Register Office before the registration of civil partnership.

A certificate of no impediment must be submitted to the local Register Officer before the ceremony.

Investigation of impediments to civil partnership

An investigation into the possible impediments to registration is carried out before the registration. The purpose of the investigation is to ensure that there are no obstacles to the registration of the partnership. Such impediments include an already existing registered partnership or marriage, close family relationship, being under 18 years of age, or an adoptive relationship. Further information on the registration of a partnership for non-Finns can be found on the page below.

You can request the investigation of impediments from your local register office.  When the impediments to the registration of a partnership have been investigated, the local register office will provide a certificate of this (Registered partnership non-impediment certificate). The applicants can have the certificate mailed to them at home, pick it up from the local register office, or have the local register office retain the certificate for the registration ceremony.

You will receive the certificate no earlier than on the seventh day after the request for investigation. The certificate is valid for four months. The certificate must be submitted to the local register office performing the registration before the registration ceremony.

Request for the investigation of impediments to the registration of a civil partnership

You can initiate the investigation of impediments using an online form. The use of e-services requires authentication with online banking codes, for example. After submitting the e-form, the sender receives a delivery number by e-mail, which they should retain.

The parties can also initiate the investigation of impediments by visiting their local register office together and filling in the investigation request form there. The investigation can be conducted by any Finnish register office, regardless of the home municipalities of the couple.

You can also fill in the form at home and post it to the local register office performing the registration. You can order the investigation request form from the register office or print it out from our forms page. If you fill in the request form at home, the signatures of two witnesses are required.


Civil partnership ceremony

To register a civil partnership, both parties must be present at the same time to sign the registration document in the presence of the registration authority; the document is authenticated by the District Registrar’s signature.

The ceremony can take place in the Register Office or elsewhere, subject to prior agreement between the registrar and the parties.

No fee is charged for civil partnership ceremonies performed in the Register Office during office hours.

Parties who wish to have their ceremony elsewhere should contact the Register Office well in advance to agree on the time and place.

Civil partnership ceremonies performed outside the Register Office are subject to a standard fee and the registrar must be reimbursed for any travel expenses incurred.


Civil partnerships of foreigners

A civil partnership can be registered in Finland as long as one of the parties is a Finnish citizen and has residence in Finland or if both parties have had residence in Finland for the duration of the previous two years.

Prior to the registration of civil partnership, a foreign citizen must present the Register Office with a certificate from his or her country of origin demonstrating that there are no impediments to the civil partnership.

The certificate must be legalised according to the provisions of the Finnish Marriage Decree. The investigation of impediments is carried out according to Finnish law.

Citizens of countries where legislation provides for the registration of civil partnership with largely the same legal effects as in Finland (such as the Netherlands, Nordic Countries and Germany) are treated as Finnish citizens.


Prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a contract in which the parties agree that, in the event of a breakup of the registered civil partnership, their assets will not be divided equally as is customarily the case under marriage law.