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Notification of move

According to Finnish legislation, you must always submit a notification of move if you move permanently into a new home or if your temporary stay at another address is longer than three months. The notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance. However you must take care of that the notification has been received by the local register office within a week of your move at the latest.

The easiest way to submit a notification of move is to use the online service (24 h a day). You can make an online notification using Internet Bank access codes, an ID card or Posti username.

You can also submit your notification of move by filling in the form that you can pick up at post office or local register office.

For further information, please contact your local register office.

Notification of move is useful in many ways

When you submit a notification of move, your details will be updated simultaneously on the Population Information System maintained by the local register offices as well as the register of Posti. Make your notification well in advance before your move to make sure your post will immediately be delivered to the right address. Up-to-date address information will speed up handling of matters at your home municipality, your taxes will be directed to the correct municipality and at elections you can vote at the nearest voting location.


Your address details will also be automatically forwarded from the Population Information System to public authorities including your local parish, Finnish Transport Safety Agency's vehicle and driving licence register, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA), the Tax Administration and the Finnish Defence Forces. In addition, many pension institutions, banks, insurance companies, associations and other organisations, publishing houses and businesses receive information about changes of address directly from the Population Information System.